Magento Extensions for Stress-free Shopping Cart Experience

magento ext

Shopping cart occupies the hot seat of any business as it is the place where customers buy their products. Your entire business campaign rests heavily on the shopping cart designing as it measures the sales rate of your business. While a perfectly designed shopping cart is able to fetch high sales rate, a poorly designed […] Read more »

High-Quality Premium WordPress Themes for 2013

quality wp themes

huge collection of WordPress themes is available for WordPress platform. The themes  easily support Directory, Blog, ecommerce store and Website which gives users a high-quality designing via free-of-cost and premium themes. You can easily set up WordPress themes of your website. It also comes with a lot of features for WordPress users. Most of the themes are  beautiful […] Read more »

WordPress Optimization Tip: Close Comment on Older Posts

close coment

Any successful blogs have to two common factors; the first one is the loyal readers and second is a tangible amount of quality comments by these people. Most of the time, the popularity of any blog is evaluated by intelligent comments, which helps the blog to remain fresh and active. At the same it gives […] Read more »

Top Selling Magento Fashion Store Themes for Your Online Store

Orchid Magento Fashion Theme

Magento is one the most poweful platforms on current online web with increasing sales volume of magento themes. When it comes to magento themes in ecommerce platforms that time reducing joomla and WordPress eecommerce themes value. The ecommerce platform provides a different of functions and features to bloggers and website owners. You can easily build […] Read more »

What are the Benefits We Acquire from Groupon Clone Software?


The latest buzz that is hitting the ecommerce market today is the introduction of Groupon clone scripts. Since introduced, this demand for this software is constantly increasing and it apparently shows how fast it has grown. There is no wonder in its fast growth as it offers some impeccable features and facilities to customers as […] Read more »

How To Use Magento Social Login for Your Website?


Decades ago, business promos were quite limited and many were not able to make it to global audiences. The reason is limited contacts and connections they possessed. However, today the advent of technology has opened the doors of business to the world with the help of numerous tools. One such powerful and cost-effective way of […] Read more »

10 Superior WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

photo galery plugin

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins are really very useful plugins for creating photo gallery websites or blogs. WordPress Photo gallery plugins are one of the best photo gallery plugins for wordpress-based gallery websites. We can easily build photo gallery website using this plugins. This photo gallery plugins allow you to experience multiple features such as add […] Read more »

Proven Ways to Expose Blog and Increase Traffic

increase blog traffic

Creating a blog is never a bad idea as it is beneficial to individuals as well as businesses in surplus ways. Unlike website, which is static, blogs are dynamic in nature. A blog is a specialized secret weapon for any business allowing the owners to share views, exchange opinions about products, services, etc. with ease. […] Read more »