Case Study: Link Building With Fiverr After Google Penguin Update Part 1

case-studiesHaving good rankings in Google started to become more and more harder after the last Google Penguin update, the quality of links has to be better now and more relevant. Also you have to be very careful with the anchor text that you are using to not be penalized. In this case study I will build links to one of my niche site with the help of Fiverr to see if it can help me to obtain higher rankings.

For this case study I will use a site that has a couple of months and it has some content in it. Before this update I was using private blog networks to promote it and build links to increase my Google rankings. This method of promotion didn’t had a future because Google penalized my site after a few weeks I have started building the links with the help of private blog networks. It staid in the 70 position for around two months and no traffic from Google was going on it. After the last penguin update the position started to climb in rankings to place 26 and then 16 that is the current place.

The effects of Google penalization started to disappear because  the blogs from the private network that I was using started to be deindexed and the backlinks to my site to disappear. For this case study I will use this site to do the case study and see if Fiverr can help me to build some decent links.

Below is a complete description with the stats and things done:

1. Current Stats

a) Keyword Position – before starting doing anything the keyword position was 16th place in Google.

b) Keyword Concurrence - the keyword is quite hard it has around 9900 exact searches a month and the concurrence is very high.

b) Traffic - the site is currently receiving between 6 to 10 visits a day from Google.

2. Fiverr Gigs Acquired

Last night while I was drinking a glass of wine and I was thinking that is the time to search Fiverr and see what gigs I can find there that could help me. After seeing some of them I have decided to buy some and use them for my site, in the end I have bought 5 gigs one with and extra paying a total of 30$. Below is the list more in detail:

  1. 200 words article with a link on PR 5 blog -  this gig was already completed and the article is already published on a PR5 site, but the article is not written by him and is copied: 5$
  2. 100 Words article review to my site on a PR 3 blog – This was also published on a PR3 site. The article is original as I desire: 5$.
  3. PR write and distribution to 10 PR sites – this gig has been also completed, the press release written was OK and the PR sites where was distributed were ok: PR2 to PR 5, value: 5$
  4. PR write and distribution to 5 PR sites – this hasn’t been completed yet, I had to pay an extra of 5 $ for the PR to be written, value: 10 $
  5. 11 unique C class EDU blog posts   - I am waiting for this to be finished, the value was 5$

The total was 30$, not a lot of money, the links that I have bought is a little varied and I hope that it will do the trick and help me increase my rankings.

Next week I will start another case study with a manual link building to another site to see if it will be better then fiverr services. Stay close for the next case study and the next update.

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  1. Mckremie says:

    We love Fiverr but not really for link building. We love that there are plenty of people on there that are willing to create videos or edit videos for only $5.

  2. Vi says:

    It will be interesting to see results of your fiverr experiment. How long do you think it will take to see some progress?

  3. Peter Lee says:

    I never tried those article writing gigs before. Just out of curiousity Dragos, do you mind telling us the URLs of all the published articles you bought from fiverr above? Thanks!

  4. Richard says:

    Hi Dragos,

    Thanks for the info about what you bought from fivver, I never knew you buy your backlinks in the form of an article review pointing to your site, I know everyone says Google doesn’t like paid links but how do they know if a links paid or not?
    Especially if its only 1 or 2 from fivver, anyway it will be interesting to see the results of your test.

  5. Did you check the page rank for those blog posts? I find an astonishing number of Fiverr bloggers are faking the PR on their blogs. You’ll see people willing to sell you a link on their “PR9 blogs”, which is of course exceedingly unlikely to be real.

  6. Hi Dragos,

    Cool case study! By the way, how old is your website? I actually also want to use fiverr but my website is brand new website so I’ll wait until it’s aged. I’m waiting for this case study update.

    Thanks buddy for posting this case study!

  7. Hello there one of my friend using this strategy the Fiverr, its much the same with back-linking,but an effective way to gain clients and costumers. the things they used to do is , profile linking or what we call gig.

  8. Thanks for the info about what you bought from fivver,I guess its much the same with back-linking, but an effective way to gain clients and costumers. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.

  9. Joe says:

    Have you seen any results from these gigs yet?

    I used to use Fiverr a lot but now only occasionally and not for links direct to my site.

    I have a gig on there myself for a Unique Article Wizard submission.

    • Dragos says:


      The results are good, tomorrow I will make another case study of what has happen until now.

      Please stay close for more info.


  10. Ashley says:

    It’s getting harder and harder with Penguin update. I just focus in link back and blog content, video page also.