[Free Kindle] Essential Link Building Strategies for Bloggers

lbbloggers coverAgain I am offering the book  Essential Link Building Strategies for Bloggers,  free during the next 3 days this week  you can download it for free with the Amazon’s KDP Select program.

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More about the book:

I have published this book in order to present the essential link building strategies that a blogger has to do in order to promote his blog and build links to the new articles and to the blow. The methods included in the book are based on my own experience. The link building methods presented in the book are used by me to promote my blogs.

In the book you will not only find the link building strategies to you will have to do but also you will find the resources that will help you do that.

It’s FREE… With a Catch!

I’m offering free copies (per Amazon’s KDP system) till midnight Pacific time on the 8th. So grab your copy while it’s still available.


I need your help!! In order to keep offering these free eBooks on a regular basis, I need reviews on Amazon. So I ask that you download this freebie and submit a review if you find this information to be useful. (Here is the link to the book in the Amazon marketplace.) Plus, I’d be a big help if you ‘like’ the eBook and ‘agree’ with the tags at the bottom of the page.

Don’t Own a Kindle Reader?

I know some people have had trouble accessing my books in the past. The truth is you don’t need a Kindle! There are a variety of free ways you can read a Kindle eBook:

In short, it’s really simple to read Amazon Kindle books – No matter what type of device you use to access the Internet.

If you still have trouble accessing this Kindle book, please send me an email:  bitdoze1[at]gmail[dot]com


Here is the download link to my free book ==> http://www.bitdoze.com/go/LBbloggers

And here’s the link to the UK Version ==> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Essential-Building-Strategies-Bloggers-ebook/dp/B00B9GXY34/

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  1. Samfrank says:

    You did a great Job….I will be submit the review …..Thanks

  2. Kyron says:

    Hi Dragos, thanks a lot for for offering the book for free. I have already downloaded it and it is really very helpful. Moreover its easy accessibility is an add on to it, with so many effective link building strategies, it was impossible to miss such an opportunity.

  3. Bryon says:

    Hey Dragos, I downloaded the book and guess what I read it too. The book is really good and helpful. And I have added a review in Amazon, hope that helps. Thanks for offering us such a good book for free.

  4. Sneha says:

    awesome book about link building i sure all the tips including this book it’s boost my performance Thank you very much.