Tips for Effective Hotel Booking Business using Magento Modules

Do you run a hotel, motel, or guest house online? Do you experience any dip in marketing or revenue each year? Well, if you do, this article is for you.  I have decided to come up with this article particularly focusing on how to improve the online booking business and how to give it a different dimension. Given the low economy, it is better to make most of the internet to achieve fruitful gains. The following ideas and tips would obviously show you the importance of roping in more customers and achieving maximum benefits.


Magento Component Effect


Gone are those days when hotel owners and administrators made use of clumsy papers loaded with tons of information about customers, rooms, invoices, etc.! You can relax a lot and in fact concentrate a lot on bringing customers rather worrying about how to manage the document clutters. Consider yourself to be so lucky if your online hotel booking system business is on a Magento platform! Magento offers something incredibly to the online hotel owners in the form of a Magento extension called “Hotel Reservation.” On implementing this extension, online hotel booking and managing the entire business becomes awesomely easy. Some of the features about this fascinating Hotel Reservation module would give you clear idea over on what it is all about.

Key benefits of this component include

  • Magento_wordManages property information, room types, rates, miscellaneous charges, etc. effectively.
  • Adds maps of the hotels effectively
  • Wish list functionality
  • Outstanding, fresh and high-resolution hotel view User Interface
  • Search-friendly features
  • Adds any number of rooms for each hotel
  • Blocks bookings on specific dates for certain periods to avoid overlap
  • Highly customized order view with customer details
  • jQuery-controlled calendar for booking

  • Customizes sales orders comprising booked details
  • Manages “n” of hotels effectively
  • Order confirmation within minutes, etc.

All the benefits that I have listed in this article are quite a few. In fact, there are more benefits that lie within this nifty widget. Using this component, tracking customers becomes absolutely easy. In addition, you can engage your repeated customers with your business effectively. Searching for manual documents when it comes to rearrangement of rooms and cancelling becomes awesomely easy. The excellent admin control prospects coming along with this product proves to be a boon for hotel owners.

Money-Making Made Easy

inbound-marketing-300x237This plugin completely eases down the troublesome processes confronted by administrators as they have to withhold the entire user details and manage them effectively. This plugin with an impressive template, including all kinds of pricings, rooms available, booking status, plays a great deal in pulling a lot of customers, which in turn rains money for your business. The high-resolution view of the hotel rooms’ and outlooks will definitely please people and force them to book rooms on your site compared to others.

Magento Component and Support

Installing this plugin never eats your time and in fact, it takes just a few minutes. The updates and upgrades of the component happen automatically in a cost-free manner. So, simply put, the entire complicated process of hotel booking and managing it becomes absolutely easy for both the customers as well as the hotel owners. Everyone knows Magento is known for the solid features and support. Any kind of queries and issues related to the component will be dealt promptly with reliable answers. This is one of the extensions which is emerging as a well-recognized business tool among hotel owners and users across various locations.



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    Magento sounds to be really cool, the key benefits seem to give a different hotel booking experience altogether. Until now booking a good hotel room for your trip was a strenuous exercise as you were unable to see the rooms photo, the rates were not disclosed, the booking dates were also a trouble. All this will get solved on Magento, great post thanks for sharing.

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    There are some very common as well as old problems faced by tourists while booking hotels for their trips. To name a few would be the details about the no. of vacant rooms, the hotel tariffs, and booking details. Hopefully all these problems will be solved using Magento. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Hotel booking and reservation extension is best for hotel management, event organizing, doctors, therapists and travel agents. Most of businessman like to use this extension in their businesses.