Stats & Income Report: August 2013

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I haven’t done for some time an report with the stats and income that I have on this site and the other sites because I was involved in some personal projects and didn’t had the necessary time to post and do a lot on this blog. Also the last Google updates has hit hard this […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: May 2013


Another month has passed and is time to see exactly what happened last month and what are the figures for First, I would like to mention that last month I had my wedding and this is the main reason for not posting more often. Also, last month Google had the Penguin 2.0 which has […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: March 2013

March traffic stats

Another month has passed and again come the time to do the short recap and see what happened in the past month. Again the time is not enough to do everything that I have proposed but now I see that more things then in the past was done. Last Month Happenings Last month for the […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: February 2013


Another month has past and again comes the time to share with you the latest stats and earnings that has and also the last updates and news that I have. This month I would like to start first with a great blog that I have found out there filled with great information and great […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: January 2013


A new year has started and like years before I have big planes and high hopes. Last year it was a good year with a lot of changes in Google and a lot of new things that I have learned. Feature Directions   Kindle eBook Publishing This year the plan is to do more then […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: December 2012


The month of December is he holiday one and the stats and earning are not so great but also not that low. This month I have started to publish some technology articles on to see how it will go and to see if the site can grow even more. Below are the stats from the month […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: November 2012


Not a lot of things has happened in the month of November, the traffic was steady and the income the same. I didn’t had a lot of time to write to many articles because of my day job that is occupying my time. Below are the stats for in the month of November. Traffic and other metrics: Posts: […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: October 2012


I didn’t had a lot of time this month to finish what I have proposed to do but I hope that this month will be different and I will be able to finish some of the problems and things that I have in mind. Google has also made some changes in this past month and […] Read more » Stats & Income Report: September 2012


Again has come the time to measure my stats and income to see how I have managed to do in September. This month I have managed to write more articles on my blog (finally) and managed to attract more guest bloggers on my site. Over and all this month has been good and I have managed to succeed in some of […] Read more »