Google Reconsideration Request for Approved

Google Reconsideration Request

As was penalized by Google previously because I was trying different link schemes for tests on this site I thought that it will be good to clean up the link profile of the site and try to send an reconsideration request to see what will happen. About 2 months ago I have made a […] Read more »

Google Algorithm Update September 2013


It looks like Google is changing again something in his algorithm as some of my site traffic has decreased again. Until now nothing is confirmed by Google but for sure something is planned for September as I see a decrease in traffic of 20-30% on my site. It looks like also this month is not […] Read more »

Top Online Tools for SEO and Keyword Research


Having good tools that can easy your work and be more productive is very important if you want to have success online. In this articles I would like to present you some of the top tool that can help you with your SEO and keyword researches. A lot of tools have been developed lately and can be […] Read more »

SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO Power Suite

Having good tools to help with the SEO is essential if you want to succeed online and you want to have the best rankings. The SEO PowerSuite will help you analyse your site and your competitor sites to see exactly what needs to be done. Below I will make a review of the SEO PowerSuite so you can better understand […] Read more »

SEO Is Here To Stay – Five Reasons Why

seo image

Search engine optimisation in North Yorkshire is essential if you are looking to enhance your website’s visibility on search engine results. It is not enough to just have a business website to promote. You need targeted traffic coming to this website and SEO is the trick to do it effectively. Below are 5 reasons why […] Read more »

Important SEO Tips for 2013


Having organic traffic to your blog or site it is something that everyone should focus on especially now when Google changed the game and everyone stands equal. In this article I will point out the most important things that everyone should do when it comes to SEO in 2013. To have a good SEO for […] Read more »