Best Gatsby.js Online Courses

Best Gatsby.js Online Courses

Gatsbyit’s a react framework that can help you build headless websites. It’s built on react and can quickly help you spin website. is built on Gatsby and in this article, I would like to show you some Gatsby courses that can help you get started with Gatsby as your framework.

Gatsby is more complicated then WordPress and if you are new it can be scary at the beginning, that’s why a good course can help you understand what is all about and build your website with modern technologies.

There are some videos out there on YouTube that can get you started but they are basic and will not help you understand Gatsby if you are new. For beginners, the best would be to have a dedicated course done that will bring you thru all of the Gatsby and React functionality.

As a start to get you going with node.js and GitHub you can check: Install Node.js using NVM and Link GitHub with A SSH Key

Best Gatsby.js Online Courses for Beginners

In this part, we will see some of the courses that are out there and can help you better understand Gatsby, I am doing the first and the second one currently to better understand Gatsby.

1. Gatsby.js Tutorial and Projects Course

Gatsby.js Tutorial and Projects Course

This is the first course I have taken for Gatsby and I can say that is very well explained and it brings you from all the Gatsby features. John Smilga the author of the course is explaining very well all the things you need to do to have a blog or website build with Gatsby.

The contentment has 22 hours and you have modules like building a recipes website with contentful or building a blog or portofolio website. With this course you have everything you need to start working with Gatsby.

Besides the large content that you have what I like about the course is that John Smilga is explaining it very well and slow so everyone to understand all and be able to follow.

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2. Gatsby JS: Build Gatsby static sites with React & WordPress

Gatsby JS: Build Gatsby static sites with React & WordPress

Gatsby needs a CMS system to help you publish content faster. If you have a blog then WordPress would be to used as Headless CMS to publish the articles and assets.

This course will guide you thru how you can use WordPress as a Headless CMS and have the content in there and use Gatsby as a static site generator.

The course has about 3.5 hours and will guide you threw all you need to do to set everything up and build your blog on Gatsby for the front end.

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3. Gatsby JS, Contentful & Gatsby Cloud (Gatsby JS V3 2022)

Gatsby JS, Contentful & Gatsby Cloud (Gatsby JS V3 2022)

If you want to use contentful and Gatsby cloud to host your blog then this course will only focus on that.

In this course, you have 3.5 hours of videos that can help you build your blog on Contentful and host it on Gatsby Cloud.

All that you need to do to have a headless blog set up and styled you will have it in this tutorial.

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4. Gatsby on Linkedin Learning

If you already have a subscription to Linkedin Learning you will find some Gatsby courses also there. There are 2 that I am recommanding and have everything you need:

Learning Gatsby

About 3 hours of video content, will help you start with gatsby and understand all is about. If you already have a subscription you will be happy with what it has to offer.

Building a Headless WordPress Site with Gatsby This course has about 2 hours and 30 minutes. As Udemy course will help you set up a blog with WordPress as a headless CMS. If you have a Linked