Best Astro.js Online Courses/Tutorials

Best Astro.js Online Courses/Tutorials

Astro.js is a new static website generator that can help you build any website fast. It is currently what is powering my blog and I have just started working with it a couple of weeks.

Being at the beginning it doesn’t have a lot of courses out here that can help you learn it. It can be difficult to learn especially for someone who is not into javascript and static website generators. That’s why to learn it I will get whatever I can.

In the past, I have written an article with Best Gatsby.Js Online Courses that can help you get started with Gatsby, and here I plan to do the same thing.

Best Astro.js Online Courses

Let’s see below what are some of the Best Astro.js courses that can be found online at this point. Most of them are on Youtube and have everything you need to get started with.

As a start to get you going with node.js and GitHub you can check: Install Node.js using NVM and Link GitHub with A SSH Key

Astro Crash Course

This is a course that will bring you thru all that Astro has to offer, you will build a project from scratch and at the end, you will deploy the project to Netlify. This has 1 hour and 35 minutes and will walk you through everything Astro has to offer.

Building a Portfolio with Astro

This is an Astro video that will help you get started with Astro and create a portfolio website. The tutorial will start from scratch and show you everything you need to configure this. All of it has 1 hour and 47 minutes and will help you better understand Astro and create a portfolio website.

Build A Website with Astro, TailwindCSS and React

This tutorial will show you how to create an Astro website with TailwindCSS and React. The video will bring you through all the configs you need to make to have a blog built on Astro with TailwindCSS.

Jamstack Astro Training

This is a full course that will present everything on Astro. You need to register for the course, it’s free and will help you get started with Astro and understand what is about.

I Try Astro For the First Time

Another youtube video that will get you into what Astro has to offer, this is more like intro things and is not building a website from scratch.

Astro from the Ground Up

This is going to teach you some Astro about idle, routing, and some live coding.

Little Sticks

This is a youtube channel that has various videos about Astro, on his channel you can find videos of how you can add categories and tags, how to use images, and how to use Astro with Sanity. He has also some nice themes that you can use for your website.

If you have an Astro course that needs to be added in here just drop me an email at: bitdoze1[@]