SEO Gets Tool - Google Search Console on Steroids

SEO Gets Tool - Google Search Console on Steroids

SEOgets is a tool designed to provide an alternative to Google Search Console for search performance analytics. It’s created in NextJS. It organizes search performance data in an easy-to-understand format, allowing users to make better-informed decisions about their SEO strategies. Here are some of the features and capabilities of SEOgets:

  • Analytics: SEOgets offers analytics for search data, similar to what users would find in Google Search Console, but with a focus on ease of use and readability.
  • Content Groups: This feature allows users to group content and analyze its performance collectively, which can be beneficial for SEO analytics.
  • Keyword Tracking: SEOgets tracks the performance of keywords with real data, providing insights into clicks, pages, and queries related to the most important keywords. This helps users understand if their SEO strategies are effective or if changes are needed.
  • SEO Insights: The tool is designed to deliver SEO insights quickly, potentially saving users hours of analysis time. It presents all sites at a glance, showing clicks and impressions for all sites on a single page.
  • Integration with Google Search Console: SEOgets integrates with Google Search Console, pulling in data for analysis. It only requires read access to the user’s Google Search Console data.

It’s important to note that SEOgets is currently free to use but will become a paid service in 2024. Early adopters are promised a special discount. SEOgets does not completely replace Google Search Console, as there are other features in Google Search Console that SEOgets does not support.

In summary, SEOgets is a tool that simplifies the analysis of search performance data, offering an alternative to Google Search Console with additional features like content grouping and keyword tracking to aid in SEO decision-making.

Google Indexing Script

Although not a direct feature of SEOgets, the creator, Guilherme Oenning, has also developed a Google Indexing Script that can be used in conjunction with SEOgets. This script helps with faster Google indexing by allowing users to input a list of URLs for Googlebot to crawl and index within 48 hours. It also checks indexing status daily and allows for re-submission of URLs that return validation errors.

SEO Gets Overview

Once you sign in with your Google account all the websites that are under your Google Search Console it will be pulled and data will be displayed for all, you will be able to see an overview with all your websites and choose the period.

Seo Gets Overview

If you click on a website you will be brought in a dashboard where you will see all the details about the website with visitors, keywords and countries. You have the option to filter them by Popular, Growing, Decaying and choose the exact period you want.

Another useful feature is the Tracked Keywords that will group stats after the keyword you add. In this way you have an overview with keywords and what is happening with them. Once you choose one will present the stats for it.

Content Groups will allow you to add content clusters that you can track you can add:


I am using them to track the clusters I have and see what is happening. Below is a picture with the overview:

Seo Gets Website Overview


Seo Gets it’s free currently and can be used by anyone, just give it a try and see if it helps you. I am playing with it for around a week and I can say I am happy with what it has. It helps me see exactly what is happening with my website.